Stephen Goettler Furniture Reproductions

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Showing 1 - 24 of 38 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 38 products
Settee, Original UpholsterySettee, Original Upholstery
Castored Settee
Curated Castored Settee
Sale price$1,000.00
Late 19th Century ChairLate 19th Century Chair
Curated Late 19th Century Chair
Sale price$100.00
Morris Chair
Curated Morris Chair
Sale price$500.00
St. Mary’s Mission Chair
Parlour Chair
Curated Parlour Chair
Sale price$400.00
Cromwellian ChairCromwellian Chair
Curated Cromwellian Chair
Sale price$1,675.00
Vintage Mission Chair
Curated Vintage Mission Chair
Sale price$600.00
BeetleJuice Chairs
Curated BeetleJuice Chairs
Sale price$300.00
Small Wood Framed Chair
Curated Small Wood Framed Chair
Sale price$1,000.00
Vintage Folding ChairsVintage Folding Chairs
Curated Vintage Folding Chairs
Sale price$100.00
Yellow Caned Seat ChairYellow Caned Seat Chair
Curated Yellow Caned Seat Chair
Sale price$100.00
Leather Camel Saddle
Curated Leather Camel Saddle
Sale price$200.00
Fireplace ScreenFireplace Screen
Curated Fireplace Screen
Sale price$200.00
Boat - BlackBoat - Black
Curated Boat - Black
Sale price$100.00
Frontispiece Flower FaceFrontispiece Flower Face
Curated Frontispiece Flower Face
Sale price$116.00
Vintage PearsVintage Pears
Curated Vintage Pears
Sale price$191.00
Study Of A GreyhoundStudy Of A Greyhound
Curated Study Of A Greyhound
Sale price$138.00
Geometric PrintsGeometric Prints
Curated Geometric Prints
Sale price$50.00
Bobbin Leg TableBobbin Leg Table
Curated Bobbin Leg Table
Sale price$100.00
Pass It On Pie Crust TablePass It On Pie Crust Table
Carved End TableCarved End Table
Curated Carved End Table
Sale price$200.00
2 Piece Secretary Desk2 Piece Secretary Desk
Curated 2 Piece Secretary Desk
Sale price$800.00
Davenport DeskDavenport Desk
Curated Davenport Desk
Sale price$800.00

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